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Suzuki Volty TU250 1999

  • Winning bid: $1,020.00
  • Reserve met Reserve met 
  • Closed: Sun 30 Apr 2017, 7:31 pm
Listing #: 1304655624
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Style: Cruiser
Make: Suzuki
Model: Volty TU250
Engine size: 250cc
Kilometres: 56,675km
Year: 1999
Fuel type: Petrol
Registration expires: No Registrati­on
WoF expires: Aug 2017
There once was a tale of the Salty Volty, a saucy wee lass that's kept many a sailor warm at night. The Volty is of Suzuki origin, born in the year of 1999. It's true she's done a fair few kilometres, but that only means she's had some good times living on the streets of Wellington and Titahi Bay.

You owe it to yourself to come ride this fair maiden, she is well maintained and easy to handle. A perfect uni commuter or for Sundays around the bays, stopping off at the Chocolate Fish Cafe for a super charged golden latte. FYI This bike would be a fantastic cafe racer project for the right minded sailor.

The Salty Volty is aptly named due to her ruggard exterior; there is some surface rust and cosmetic damage caused by some wild nights and days. She has always run like a dream and is a reliable starter.

Rego is on hold, WOF expires in August. Serious bidders need to come over for a viewing and ride, must have NZ licence and be prepared to pay any excess. Viewings after 6pm Mon to Fri and anytime over the weekend.

This is a $1 reserve. The auction winner must make contact within three days. Buyer must pick up from Mt Cook Wellington.

Engine type: 1 cylinder, 4-stroke, Single
Displacement: 249 cc (15.21 cubic inches)
Cooling system: Air cooled
Power: 20.39 HP (15 kW) @ 8000 rpm
Torque: 16 Nm (1.63 kg-m)
Throttle: Cable operated

Valves per cylinder: 4
Fuel and ignition
Sparks per cylinder: 1
Ignition type: TCI (Transistor Controlled Ignition)
Engine mounting: Transverse
Lubrication system: Wet sump
Gear box: Manual 5-speed
Clutch: Wet, cable operated
Final drive: Chain
Spark plug pipe type: NGK, DR8ES-L
Motor oil: 10W/40
Starter: Electric

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Shipping details

  • Buyer must pick-up
  • Seller location: Wellington City, Wellington, NZ

Payment details

  • NZ bank deposit
  • Cash

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  • 100% positive feedback
  • Member since Nov 2006

Closed: Sun 30 Apr, 7:31 pm. This auction used auto-extend.

Bid history

The reserve price was: $1.00 the reserve price has been met

Amount Date Time Bidder
$1,020.00 30 Apr 7:29 pm p**m (1 )
$1,010.00 30 Apr 7:29 pm g**********e (210 210 positive feedback)
$1,000.00 30 Apr 7:29 pm p**m (1 )
$995.00 30 Apr 7:29 pm n******3 (259 259 positive feedback)
$990.00 30 Apr 7:28 pm p**m (1 )
$985.00 30 Apr 7:28 pm g**********e (210 210 positive feedback)
$931.00 30 Apr 7:28 pm p**m (1 )
$926.00 30 Apr 7:28 pm g**********e (210 210 positive feedback)
$920.00 30 Apr 7:28 pm p**m (1 )
$915.00 30 Apr 7:28 pm g**********e (210 210 positive feedback)
$910.00 30 Apr 7:27 pm p**m (1 )
$905.00 30 Apr 7:27 pm g**********e (210 210 positive feedback)
$900.00 30 Apr 7:24 pm p**m (1 )
$895.00 30 Apr 7:24 pm t*****e (11 11 positive feedback)
$890.00 30 Apr 7:24 pm p**m (1 )
$885.00 30 Apr 7:24 pm t*****e (11 11 positive feedback)
$880.00 30 Apr 7:24 pm p**m (1 )
$875.00 30 Apr 7:24 pm t*****e (11 11 positive feedback)
$870.00 30 Apr 7:23 pm p**m (1 )
$865.00 30 Apr 7:23 pm t*****e (11 11 positive feedback)

Questions and answers

Hey the rego on hold? fairmont12 (10 10 positive feedback) 8:12 pm, Sun 16 Apr
Yeah 8:15 pm, Sun 16 Apr
Hey mate, you look nice. charlie447 (147 147 positive feedback) 11:41 pm, Sun 16 Apr
Cheers happy bidding 12:04 pm, Mon 17 Apr
Best advertising pictures I've seen, good one the_sam_man (29 29 positive feedback) 9:23 am, Mon 17 Apr
Cheers share it with your friends 12:05 pm, Mon 17 Apr
I see you have your togs on, have you ridden your beloved Salty thru many oceans as she looks a tad rusty? palkins (70 70 positive feedback) 12:47 pm, Mon 17 Apr
Fair comment, I wish I had thought of that when taking these photos. Rest assured the rust is all surface rust as she has lived outside for the last three years. She has passed her WOF without too much hassle too. 2:15 pm, Mon 17 Apr
Beaut shots, but I notice ALL of your photos are taken from the right hand side. does the left hand side cover exist or has it been taken by another Salty enthusiast who maybe required one? palkins (70 70 positive feedback) 5:43 pm, Mon 17 Apr
I will see if there are any left side pics and get them up this week. You are also welcome to come see it in the flesh. Thanks 7:20 pm, Mon 17 Apr
Does the rider come with the bike? deanf1 (150 150 positive feedback) 12:54 pm, Tue 18 Apr
Rider sold separately. 1:21 pm, Tue 18 Apr
I see you say "rider sold separately". How much? and is the rider in good working condition? teddys.nursery (545 545 positive feedback) 1:50 pm, Tue 18 Apr
One billion dollars and your finest block of cheese, rider as is where is 6:06 pm, Tue 18 Apr
I've heard of advertisers using 'sex' to sell things... but buddy you've taken it to a whole other level! bit scary turigole (543 543 positive feedback) 4:22 pm, Tue 18 Apr
Fanx 6:04 pm, Tue 18 Apr
Does the bike comes with the guy? of so- I am very keen ;) specter17 (9 9 positive feedback) 6:58 pm, Tue 18 Apr
Just the bike sorry think my wife want to hand on to me for a while longer. 8:53 pm, Tue 18 Apr
Dude, you need a job in marketing if you do not already, blown away by your style....I have forwarded this to at least 15 people so be ready for employment offers,just don't wear the gear to interviews...well done 2manyboys (43 43 positive feedback) 8:42 pm, Tue 18 Apr
Cheers ?? 8:53 pm, Tue 18 Apr
Are you absolutely certain its ONLY the bike I;m bidding on? I don't wanna get lumbered with the bearded fat lady too ! ;-) riverdweller (42 42 positive feedback) 8:50 pm, Tue 18 Apr
Rest assured. No fat bearded ladies are attached with this auction. ?? 8:56 pm, Tue 18 Apr
Seller Comment: Rest assured ?? 8:54 pm, Tue 18 Apr
You've got balls doing this. You can them for sure in photo 11. LOL. sinsandfuries (55 55 positive feedback) 12:32 am, Wed 19 Apr
Cheers 8:15 am, Wed 19 Apr
HAHAHA Love the promo pics! Thats one sassy sheman! darkacid (85 85 positive feedback) 11:41 am, Wed 19 Apr
is the 'bearded fat lady' looking for love and available for quiet walks along the beach. afer (515 515 positive feedback) 2:03 pm, Wed 19 Apr
I prefer 'husky bearded lady' thanks you... share with your friends 3:18 pm, Wed 19 Apr
you tatooed bikers are all the same-a good time then you dump the one who carried you through it-bikes have feelings too you know. ooboo (65 65 positive feedback) 5:32 pm, Wed 19 Apr
Hey there, me again. Just a plug for the Magnificent Salty. I used to own one, great little commuter and MUCH better looking than the GN. (Same Engine , Different Frame) I should never have sold mine. Good luck with your auction. palkins (70 70 positive feedback) 5:39 pm, Wed 19 Apr
I couldn't agree more. Would keep it if I could afford to have two bikes 8:03 pm, Wed 19 Apr
Wow, your Suzuki RE-Volty has sure seen some rides! Perhaps you could have worked the number plate into yet another "a-peeling" marketing ploy as its almost 99SUDS. Beer drinkers everywhere, BUY ! Have a cheeky day ! Mad Max madmaximnz (68 68 positive feedback) 7:17 pm, Wed 19 Apr
awesome dude, I have never seen so many comments on an auction since the last rotary rice burner got dribbled over The colours suit you by the way BORAT is a pussy compared to this, jshell (531 531 positive feedback) 7:47 pm, Wed 19 Apr
MATE!!! I was having a crap evening doing the book work, when came across your bike. Cheers for putting smile back on my face and good luck.:) shanes71 (297 297 positive feedback) 8:03 pm, Wed 19 Apr
Excellent thanks 8:04 pm, Wed 19 Apr
So you mention.... stopping off at the Chocolate Fish Cafe for a super charged golden latte.... would Spruce Goose or Maranui SC allow me on this bike in your outfit? Bloody brilliant by the way!!! pete38 (473 473 positive feedback) 9:02 pm, Wed 19 Apr
Who could say no to the outfit or bike. Thanks for your comment. 9:06 pm, Wed 19 Apr
sorry i have to add yet another not a question to your already long list but CHOICE just abit gorgeous im in dunedin unfortuneately hope it goes well just had to say brilliant fotos rach zyxxplop (224 224 positive feedback) 11:15 pm, Wed 19 Apr
Thanks rach take care 7:30 pm, Thu 20 Apr
Love it this advert...great style, great detail, great model and in whole, just a fantastic wore it beautifully mate..Good on yah... walter105 (138 138 positive feedback) 2:26 am, Thu 20 Apr
Cheers 7:29 pm, Thu 20 Apr
I'm not sure who does your sizing but I think you could squeeze into a size 8. bogie1 (236 236 positive feedback) 9:38 pm, Thu 20 Apr
Nice bike but does it come in any other colour?? teletoneboy (99 99 positive feedback) 2:29 pm, Fri 21 Apr
Yep any shade of black 8:09 am, Sat 22 Apr
Hahahahaha bloody funny well done! :-) :-) ;-) still laughing as I write this! brightonll (122 122 positive feedback) 8:23 pm, Fri 21 Apr
I think my husband would be upset if I won another one in an auction, but you do look lovely. :) zippythepinhead (181 181 positive feedback) 8:31 pm, Fri 21 Apr
Nah he won't.....go on and treat yourself :-p 8:09 am, Sat 22 Apr
Too cool ;) she11 (142 142 positive feedback) 9:14 am, Sat 22 Apr
Anyone else spot the Nip Slip in pic #7? mel514 (201 201 positive feedback) 1:23 pm, Sat 22 Apr
Bloody Saltwater Crocs,, they are known to be lazy, they dont know when they see a good feed! stagryn (344 344 positive feedback) 7:45 pm, Sun 23 Apr
You and the Black Speedos guy wild make a lovely couple. ;) ditorelo (59 59 positive feedback) 8:57 pm, Sun 23 Apr
What a cracker, man thats the best thing ive ever seen on trade me ,and ive been looking for years.Top marks you would be somebody i really love to have a few beers with.. Good luck with sale and thanks youve made my week. smokinjoe5 (301 301 positive feedback) 9:58 pm, Sun 23 Apr
Awesome photos ,,, Flippin brilliant ?? beeetle (162 162 positive feedback) 3:21 am, Mon 24 Apr
Champion cobb......had a good laugh...thanks an good luck ?????????? tafire (220 220 positive feedback) 7:44 pm, Mon 24 Apr
Cheers 8:17 pm, Mon 24 Apr
Hey there, me again. Just I've just noticed my old VOLTY is back on trade me again. The 99 model. Still watching your auction, it's very entertaining. palkins (70 70 positive feedback) 8:57 am, Tue 25 Apr
Them fishnets road legal? robdog15 (45 45 positive feedback) 2:07 pm, Tue 25 Apr
Yeah the latest in technology hot pink Kevlar. Thanks for watching ;-) 3:01 pm, Tue 25 Apr
Ha ha ha you have given me a great laugh.Good luck with your auction.Seems like you are being chased as well. oldrose (246 246 positive feedback) 4:13 pm, Tue 25 Apr
Hey Jay - you saucy devil!! I'd like to have a ride with you... allan178 (0 0 positive feedback) 10:40 pm, Tue 25 Apr
Hi mate. Keen to come check out...the bike! How do I get in touch? Sam spolstud (64 64 positive feedback) 1:50 pm, Wed 26 Apr
Hi Sam call on 021 715752 4:21 pm, Wed 26 Apr
man yourve taken selling motorcycles to a brand new level i feel sorry for all the dealer franchises there going to have to up there game wicked sarahbol (56 56 positive feedback) 5:54 pm, Wed 26 Apr
brilliant advert - wot bike? 10852 (90 90 positive feedback) 9:06 pm, Wed 26 Apr
The bike's nice but I like you better. tkeven1 (85 85 positive feedback) 3:50 pm, Fri 28 Apr
Is that you Max Key ? If not, you are a dead ringer for Max. brian.c (477 477 positive feedback) 2:56 pm, Sat 29 Apr
No not max sorry 3:01 pm, Sat 29 Apr
Gotta love kiwis like you ! Classic mate made us smile & giggle like teenagers ! lol I would buy if you came too ! ;)) spider74 (919 919 positive feedback) 6:25 pm, Sat 29 Apr
Just gorgeous!! Great legs dude!! Thanks for putting a smile on my face...and shared with my biker friends. Cheers :) deannac (2545 2545 positive feedback) 8:42 pm, Sat 29 Apr
Thanks... keep an eye out for our calendar next year. 9:27 pm, Sat 29 Apr
You're a beautiful woman, i cant have another bike. I only want the pink swimsuit. chukt (362 362 positive feedback) 9:23 pm, Sat 29 Apr
We are looking to hire a fairy for a party. ha ha bertbadger (70 70 positive feedback) 11:48 am, Sun 30 Apr
Great $120 per hour :) 11:49 am, Sun 30 Apr
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